Sublijet Printable PU

  510mm x 25M Roll
A4 sheet (210 x 297mm) Pack(100 pcs)
A3 sheet (297 x 420mm) Pack(100 pcs)
 160℃ ~ 170℃
  10 ~ 15 sec
  Hot, Warm Peel
  150 micron
 Blade 45
  Pressure Medium
  Cotton, Polyester, Blends

Sublijet Print PU is a quick and simple solution with direct printing of sublimation ink on the vinyl. Any brand of sublimation ink is usable, making bright and colorful graphics on your t-shirts.

Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blends
[T-shirt, Sport jersey, Uniforms, Sweater, Jacket, Caps, etc.]
  Sublijet Printable PU

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SSJP-01 Sublijet Print PU