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작성일 : 2022-06-10
작성자   admin
제목   New Release / DTF Film / Premium Quality
::: SM Transfer Film :::

SMTF released the DTF film with 75 and 100micron thickness to provide its’ customers to expand their business line for the garment decorations.
• Excellent ink loading with 3 layer coatings
• Long wash durability & scratch resistance
• Vivid color and detailed printing
• Soft touch and stretch ability

DTF film 75mic has 3 layer coatings with higher ink absorption, providing longer washing durability, scratch resistance and more vivid color than the most of cheap DTF film with 1 layer coating. Especially, the distinguished thickness of 100mic film makes an excellent stability during the printing and during powder melting process. It also makes stronger durability in washing and scratching than 75mic film.

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